Discussion Ch 9 pt 2

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    Hannah Daigle

    1.) What stood out to me was Dr. Pou wanting to make arrangements for her patients prior to being taken to jail. She had asked to call the on call so her patients could be taken care of, that shows her selflessness. I was feeling anxious for her, I can’t imagine taking care of people at the best of your ability, for a living and then being charged with murder.

    2.) Once Pou goes to trial, what will determine her guilt or innocence is the jury or judge.

    3.) It’s hard to gain leadership skills for a crisis if you’ve never gone through one. You can plan, and run through practices but when chaos hits, those plans wont be helpful. Once going through the crisis, if it were to happen again those who have been through it can take leadership roles and do what worked last time.

    4.) Charity Hospital’s staff was more prepared, had special training for strong hurricanes and had good communication between everyone.

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