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    Demetri Burnett

    -They met to try and come up with a different evacuation plan due to the cancellation of the helicopter rescue team.
    -Dr. Deichmann doesn’t want to play role in the acts of using Euthanasia. Susan believes that it would be in the patient’s best interest to use Euthanasia. Dr. Pou Dr. sides with Susan on using the Euthanasia medication. Dr.cook also agree with Susan and Dr.pou, even actually playing a role in helping suggest the medications for such a cruel act.
    -In a way, I believe that giving Euthanasia to the pets was practice for them, and they’re conscious for them to actually feel a little more comfortable to actually administer Euthanasia to actual humans.
    -I feel like a weight has been lifted after dealing with the frustration and madness throughout this entire hurricane process in the hospital. But also it is a tough situation for the lives and animals lost.

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