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    Alexis Carpenter

    Conducting over 500 interviews to write a book is very amazing and definitely takes a certain type of person. It must have been very challenging to hear everyone’s different stories to and to listen attentively, also attempting to keep everything organized. A dilemma Sheri must have had to face was making sure she was gathering all the information correctly and not forming her own theory.

    The first question the prologue raises for me is why did the residents of New Orleans and surrounding communities not evacuate sooner. In my opinion I believe a lot of the problem was the doctors and the communities didn’t prepare quickly enough. I completely understand that no one knew how bad the storm was going to get, but once it was reported as a catastrophe people should have evacuated and prepared as soon as possible. Dr. P and her colleagues understood the circumstances of the situation and became aware that most of the patients would not survive regardless of what they did. I feel I would have done most of the same things these nurses and doctors did because in situations like this fast thinking is your best option.

    The nurses and doctors were the ones given exemptions from the evacuation, they were needed as frontline workers in this catastrophe. With this storm there was bound to lot of injuries and the injured needed a place to go to be treated or even have a safe place from the storm. They were also told to stay with patients who were unable to evacuate.

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