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    Samantha Parent

    With the previous storms and flooding that have affected Memorial Hospital in the past decades the city knew they had to reinforce all aspects of the hospital. The city knew that the generators would not withstand flooding, that the medication and food storage were all below sea level. They saw the same issues every hurricane yet they still decided to push off all planned renovations. The built up the rest of the city instead. The system was doomed to fail from the beginning.
    I believe Sheri Fink would have been on an emotional roller coaster during all of those interviews. Having to listen to everyone’s fear, anger and remorse after what happened during the hurricane would have truly taken a toll on her. Sheri had to keep her own feelings and beliefs to herself, which must have been very difficult. I think that listening to the family members who lost their loved ones due to the decisions of others and lack of preparation would have been the hardest part. While still wrong, taking the life of an animal is one thing, but choosing to take a human’s life is another. As a nurse/caregiver it is our responsibility to help to extend life and make situations better, not to take their lives away. There are policies in place for situations like this, even during MASS casualty events you still do not euthanize people. They did not want anyone to suffer so I do understand their reasoning for what they did, but I believe that you lose your humanity as soon as you take another life.
    Doctors, nurses and hospital staff were exempt from the mandatory evacuation because they assumed the hospital would withstand the hurricane. Prison staff and inmates were also exempt.

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