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    Casey Braley

    To conduct 500 interviews is impressive. Some of the challenges she must have faced could be finding that many people to tell their story.These people just faced a traumatic experience that they may not have been ready to talk about.I’m certain Fink had to travel to find so many people to retell their story of what happened during Hurricane Katrina. Another dilemma she could have faced is deciding what stories are true and what is being made up. How does she determine what is true and what is false.
    I followed Hurricane Katrina closely as I have family in the southern states. My main question is why didn’t they do more to evacuate some of these places? They were given ample warning of what kind of flooding this storm could create. Those Dr’s. were possibly chosen because they have made difficult choices in their careers. I honestly can’t say what I would have done in a position like that. I would have to be in that time and place to know what I would have done.
    Evacuation order exemptions were given to city, state, and federal officials, inmates of prisons, those in hospitals, tourists in hotels, and members of media. The mayor stated that hospitals don’t evacuate. Media stayed to report stories. The Mayor declared the Super-dome a shelter as a last resort for those that didn’t or couldn’t leave. Some old age knowledge would be that the city sits in a “fish bowl” below sea level. The city has had historic flooding before.

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