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    Dailyn Hatch

    Sherri Fink conducting over 500 interviews and then putting everything together in order and realistically so that the reader would understand is absolutely impressive. It is very hard to put something together all the while keeping your own thoughts and opinions out of it, and she did that. I think she probably faced numerous challenges while doing this. One of them being tracking down all of the people mentioned in the book, and getting them to agree to say their stories openly and honestly, as I could imagine it must’ve also been very hard for these people to talk about it and have to think about what had happened during this difficult time.
    In my opinion I think that a lot of the problems these doctors faced was because they (and the city) didn’t prepare quick enough. I understand a lot of the people might not have thought the hurricane would have been as catastrophic as it was, but If everyone had acted sooner and took the warnings more serious, I think a lot more people wouldn’t have had to die or make life or death type decisions.
    During the mandatory evacuation, the hospital and doctors/nurses were exempt. Since the hospital had survived numerous hurricanes and weather battles since the 1920’s, it was thought that there was enough proof it could survive Hurricane Katrina. Some “old knowledge” that was presented in the book was to make sure you fill up your bathtub or jugs full of water to have drinking water, do not go in attic if at your home, and to keep a hammer or ax to break free from debris.

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