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    Demetri Burnett

    -According to Cheri Landry and Lori Budo, they gave patients fatal quantities of medication because they thought they were already dead. They think they acted in the patients’ best interests.
    – Flu epidemics like the H5N1 virus and the Spanish flu, which are both raging in the United States and around the world, have overtaken the population in most hospitals. While memorial hospital in particular should have been better prepared before Hurricane Katrina, years after the tragedy, federal authorities developed additional standards and learned how to prioritize patients in emergencies.
    – I don’t think justice was done; I thought these people were nurses and medical professionals who provided care. I think it was absolutely absurd for them to make a decision based on their personal ideas. This decision should have been reviewed by a higher authority before improper drug doses—which is essentially a medical error—were administered. If that was their genuine intention, they might have at least taken the time to get in touch with the ADOA or proxy to ask about comfort.

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