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    Demetri Burnett

    -Dr. Pou’s actions of going through the stress of being arrested, & still had been seemingly caring for the patients, she had no doubt in her mind that she did anything wrong so I felt as if she didn’t have many worries about the situation. I felt she did play a role in the giving the patient lethal doses of sedative meds, even if she didn’t physically do it she could have stopped others from doing so, Charles Foti’s allegations of Dr. Anna Pou and nurses Cheri Landry and Lori Budo, deemed them as guilty for the deaths.
    -She will be proven innocent or guilty during the process of her trial, those decisions would be left for the people to decide whether prosecutors can prove that the situation is deemed as a homicide situation.
    -To develop leadership skills, you must know how to lead. A leader knows the way & they are certain about it. Someone should have been accountable for leadership in this situation, to advocate for the patients & stand by their rights even if others don’t agree with their decisions, whether it takes place going through a crisis or just a normal day at work.
    -Charity Hospital staff had practice training and planning for a natural disaster, they had more knowledge on what to do in a worst-case scenario. They were more supply ready and plan to have meetings and keep things running as normal.

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