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    Busayo Asebioyo

    1) The New York Times Magazine’s ethics columnists statement about preparation of the hospital for the incoming storm was a valid statement. At least, the hospital should have put a good plan in place to safe patients and their staff since they were warned of the hurricane.
    It is quite unfortunate that the hospital have the advance knowledge of the storm, but failed to prepared well for the storm.Most of the patients who died would have been saved.

    2)I think John Thiele was confused and frustrated when he heard a gunshot during the storm, he thought people were trying to kill each other and that the hospital would be overtaken with no means of defending themselves. He felt abandon by the government during the disaster, he thought he couldn’t make it and decided to call his family to say good-bye. Even though he knew euthanizing patients was a crime and was asking ICU manager (Karen) if it is right thing to do, he did anyway. He thought he was helping the dying patients.
    As revealed in the book, he was nervous when his lawyer told him he could be sent to jail and loss his medical license if charged and found guilty of murder. I think it was a terrible decision to kill the patients, Thiele wouldn’t have survived if the same was done to him when he was terribly sicked. He called his surviving of a terrible cancer sickness a miracle, how did he knows the same miracle wouldn’t have happened to the patients he euthanized.

    3)End-of-life for terminally ill patient should be a patient decision or his family decision if patient cannot decide by himself or herself. Although many medical professional may advice to inject dying patients to release them of their suffering just like what happened in Memorial Hospital, but some religious patients or family members would prefer natural death for their love ones.

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