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    Busayo Asebioyo

    1) The number of patients’ deaths recorded at the Memorial Hospital were more than any other health care facilities.

    2) Tenet have to prove that they do all they could to safe all the patients and that patients’ deaths were out of their control. Tenet has to show that the disaster plan was followed and that patients died naturally.

    3) Families were informed about the deaths of their love ones through phone call. Employees were assigned to call and inform family members about the death of their love ones.Assigned employees were instructed to introduce themselves, verify the family member’s relationship with the patient, and then reveal the information.
    Patients evacuated were taken to nearby hospital. Tenet buses were drove to company’s paid and reserved rooms at the upscale Anatole Hotel in Dallas, with complete toiletry amenity packs, free food vouchers, and assistance reuniting with loves ones. Memorial staff, family members, and LifeCare employees were rescued through Tenet-hired helicopters to the nearby Tenet hospital, they were given meals and taken showers there.

    4) Investigators learn from family members that euthanasia were suspected after autopsy. Morphine and Midazolam were found in eighteen dead tissue samples after autopsy.
    Morphine and Midazolam are very important to the case because they are the evidence needed to prove that patients were euthanized and to prove the patients’ deaths were homicides.

    5) Butch Schafer was a prosecutor who happened to be mourning his daughter’s death when the investigation began. Being an experienced prosecutor, he warned his colleague not to be emotionally involved in the case, he knew sometimes promising new case may not end up the way people expected.

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