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    Busayo Asebioyo

    1) The small group of doctors decided to meet to discuss situation at the hospital, the doctors were not happy that the opportunity to continue helicopter rescue on Tuesday night into Wednesday morning was turned down by the hospital leaders and the possibility of government organizing rescue was uncertain. Some doctors try to arrange for more rescue effort plan and some plan to re-triage the remaining patient. Mulderick informed the staff of the remaining resources (food, water and people) at the hospital. Horace Baltz praised them for their hard work and told them to work together and they will all get out alive. The hospital chief financial officer, Curtis Dosch updated them that Tenet was sending private helicopters and a satellite phone in the morning to recue them, but some staff didn’t believe because he couldn’t tell them when they will be rescued.
    2) Dr. Deichmann did not support the idea of euthanizing patients. Susan Mulderick was considering euthanizing patients, she asked Dr. Cook to talk to Dr Pou for that purpose. Dr. Pou and Dr. Cook support euthanizing of patients, they both discussed the medications to be used for the patients. I think Euthanasia is illegal, they shouldn’t have considered it for their patients.
    3) The tension was about discussing euthanizing the animals by given them medication that will stop their suffering, but not thinking about what they could do to help the patients. Yes, euthanizing the animals made it easier for medical staff to support euthanizing patients.
    4) I feel happy that they were rescued at last, but feel bad for those who lost their life as a result of the situation. Although I against euthanizing patients and animals, but it was unfortunate that the doctors and nurses found themselves in the situation where they have to decide who live or die.

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