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    Busayo Asebioyo

    1) People in needs were turn away due to power outage and lack of resources to take care of them. Race was not a factor. If people were not accepted because of race, they won’t have accepted the sick Africa American woman.

    2) I don’t think it was necessary to euthanized the pets. Anyway, I understood why they did, pets were sick and there was no chance of getting them rescued because pets were not allowed on the boats and helicopters. They should have allowed them to die naturally.

    3) Yes, we can hold the view that she was dying of cancer, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t give her an opportunity to be rescued and survive the disaster. Just like Kathy Green felt, anyone who had parent or any love one in the same condition as the lady would not have allowed her to be treated that way. Example of this can be noticed in Karen Lagasse reaction when her mother oxygen was removed, she yelled at the doctor to put it back. I think if Karen were there, she would not have allowed them to remover her mother’s name from the evacuation list.

    4) The factors continue to plague communications during this disaster includes power outage, telephone lines were out and their radio antennas were damage as well.

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