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    Busayo Asebioyo

    1)Manually ventilated patients by hand kept them alive and the use of helicopter rescuing patients save more life. I think the decision made to evacuate the sickest patients last caused death. Also, the decision made by Susan Mulderick to stop airlifting patients for evacuation was wrong, not letting LifeCare patients evacuated was a wrong decision as well.
    2)The man in the fatigue yelling and calling people to go to first floor that the boats were there was a thief. The looter took advantage of their desperate situation for rescuing to steal from them. Dr Ewing Cook, wife, their children and pets always stayed for hurricanes. The cloverleaf is a point in highway which served as a staging area just west of the city where people were dropped.
    3)I think Mark LeBlanc was surprised to see patients in condition he met them, no one was attending to the patients including his mother. Not been able to found solution to his mother condition added to his frustration. He had a point, anyone would have been expecting medical staff to be attending to the patients at their condition, but unfortunately the staff were exhausted. Mark would have behaved differently if he knew what the nurses and doctors had experienced as a result of the hurricane.
    4)The priority system for evacuating patients did not fit within accepted triage practices. What they did was a reverse of the triage practices, they should have evacuated the sickest people first, follow by the sicker and the people with fairly good health last. In my opinion utilitarian approach was not the best, it shouldn’t be applied to lifesaving medical care. We cannot equate the sum of the suffering of people who have minor pain (mild discomfort) to the person who suffering a major pain (severe discomfort). I think distributing care based on need is the best approach. Allocating organs to patients in the direst need is the best approach for organ sharing.

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