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    Demetri Burnett

    -The extensive amount of people affected by hurricane Katrina and forced deaths, was greater than in other health care facilities.
    -Tenet Would have to show that All knowledgeable staff of the disaster orders was followed correctly by them, to ensure that all deaths were due to the natural disaster which in this case wasn’t true. Tenet would have to be straightforward and honest about everything, maybe sympathy, Which would be lying.
    -Families did not get anything information from tenet days after, some did in fact receive calls from staff and some were told via email about the horrific event following their family member’s deaths. They proceeded to transport patients to different hospitals which I know is overwhelming but I do think they should get checked to make sure they aren’t hurt due to the event at the memorial.
    -As the investigation went on they found out that patients were wrongfully administered extreme dosage amounts of midazolam and morphine. The continuation of midazolam had been important because it had been continuously administered and that specific drug should not be consistent.
    -Butch’s comment was based on the facts of his daughter’s encounter with drugs, he was insisting on not getting involved with this, also it seem more of an emotional reaction for him.

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