Chapter 9

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    Brigette Robichaud

    1. I think what the ethics columnist was trying to say was why didnt memorial have a better plan in place. Saying the most ethical questions are not the ones you ask in the moment but are the ones you have to anticipate. Such as planning for situations where the doctors and nurses cannot care for the patients, what are the steps they need to take.

    2. John Thiele’s perspective of the storm was that it was something he thought he would never have to plan for. He was able to feel it was right to smother a man because he thought he was doing him a favor by not letting him experience the things that were happening outside the hospital and allowing him to die with dignity.

    3. In the book it is highly discussed the different routes of end-of-life preferences. Many of the doctors believed that the patients with the most serious medical conditions wouldn’t have much of a chance of survival if they were evacuated and should not have to die alone when the hospital is empty. Also, if they patients had a DNR order, they doctors didn’t ask for consent before administering ultimately lethal drugs.

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