Chapter 9 Part 3

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    Brigette Robichaud

    1. I do not believe the situation Dr. Pou, or the other nurses were put in was fair. They were doing their job by not abandoning their patients and suffering through awful conditions.

    2. It was important that Fink included information about high-profile murders and the murder rate because it supported the idea that they were in a “war zone”

    3. Some factors that seem to sway thinkers are that this is what the person wanted but, in the end, is hastening someone’s life with consent still murder?

    4. Dr. Pou’s attorney had such a hard time because there were guidelines about comfort care, but none that addressed the specific situation and natural disaster that Dr. Pou was facing. Arthur Caplan’s opinion was that what had happened at Memorial did not fit the views of palliative sedation because no documentation was attempted. AMA policymakers decided that doctors are automatically immune from liability in disasters unless they act maliciously.

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