Chapter 9 Part 2

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    Brigette Robichaud

    1. What stood out to me while Pou was being arrested was that she was more worried about her patients than going to jail. She must have felt like all her hard work through the hurricane was for nothing. To me, the whole investigation seems like the hospital needs someone to blame for all the deaths, and the doctors and nurses are the easiest to get.

    2. What will determine guilt or innocence is whether the court decides if it was homicide or not.

    3. One develops the skills to provide leadership in a crisis by going through a crisis. The decisions made at Memorial Hospital are not something you can plan for; they are decisions you can only learn from direct firsthand experience.

    4. Charity Hospital fared better than memorial because of morale. They had meetings every 4 hours to help boost spirits and preform talent shows. They had been drilling for category 3 hurricanes and bought several portable generators, oxygen powered vents and a radio system. Also, special disaster training had been provided to hospital security officers.

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