Chapter 9 dicussion Part 2

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    Nicole Stuhlmiller

    What stood out to you with regard to Pou’s arrest? I guess what stood out most to me was how she was arrested. It seemed to me to be very gentle and caring. I’ve never been arrested, but from what I have seen…this is not what in my head happens. What did you feel as she was taken to jail? As she is taken to prison, I am sad. I know what she did was wrong, but a part of me feels she didn’t have any other options. How must she have felt? Pou is calm and collected. She cared more about her patients at that moment than herself. I would imagine, inside, she is shaken and scared.
    Just looking at Foti’s press conference and the response by Pou’s lawyer, Rick Simmons, on what points will innocence or guilt be determined? After hearing Foti, he is ready to throw the book at her and the nurses…demanding justice swiftly. Simmons was calm and collected. Foti does not determine if they are guilty or innocent…Jordan does.
    When it came down to it, “what mattered most and had the greatest immediate effects were the actions and decisions made amid a crisis by individuals” (348). How does one develop the skills necessary to provide leadership during a crisis? Take, for instance, Charity hospital, an excellent example of leadership in crisis. They were prepared. They did the training and invested in supplies. Care and services went on as usual.
    Why did Charity Hospital fare much better during the hurricane? Charity hospital did everything better than Memorial. See the above question. They invested in training and supplies; they kept staff morale up, and it was business as usual for the patients and staff. Fewer than ten people perished. What lessons exist in this example for disaster training and planning? The studies that exist from this disaster are many. Invest in the future. Take every deficiency that was brought to light and make it stronger.

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