Chapter 9.

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    Hannah Daigle

    1. In both the book and the excerpt I don’t think Foti’s view is fair. He was not there and it doesn’t seem like he took to conditions into consideration even though he said he did. All of the healthcare staff that suffered through those four days to take care of their patients to the best of their abilities with the resources they had, should not be viewed as murderers.

    2. The murder statistics were important because it showed how hard they were on these 3 healthcare workers versus the rest of the murderers that were walking free.

    3.The episode described the true horrible conditions that went on in Memorial hospital. I love that he emphasizes that no one else was there, no one can understand what they went through. You truly cannot make an assumption that these patients were murdered, you have no idea what anyone was going through in that hospital.

    4. The nazi’s started mercy killing at the start of the Holocaust and ended up killing millions. Some people still think, if someone consents to euthanasia is it ethically okay? Is it still considered murder?

    5.Pou’s attorney was having trouble finding the guidelines because the AMA had no guidelines on comfort care during disasters. Author Caplan’s opinion was the medication should’ve been given at lower doses with records kept of this if it was given specifically for pain relief. The AMA voted to create legislation to protect doctors from prosecution during disasters.

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