Chapter 9

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    Hannah Daigle

    1.) I believe The New York Time’s article was asking why didn’t the hospital have a plan ahead of time? Prior to this disaster, the hospital should have had plans in place for these what if scenarios.

    2.) In the beginning of the book to now I felt John Thiele thought the storm was something that they couldn’t prepare for. Also John felt, that if they were to leave people at the hospital alone if they didn’t die from the conditions, he was scared people would break into the hospital and torture the patients. He felt it was right because he thought it would be a slow painful death to leave him, so he did to so the patient would die with dignity.

    3.) Patients that had severe illnesses were to stay back at the hospital as the Doctors felt they would not be able to survive the rescue flights. Patients with DNR orders were to stay behind as well. The patients that were given the lethal dose of medication did not give consent for it.

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