Chapter 8

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    Brigette Robichaud

    1. The final count of deceased patients was far greater at memorial than any other Katerina struck hospital or nursing home.
    2. Tenet would have so show compassion and caring. I think denying Susan an attorney looks very wrong on their part.
    3. he families were left wondering for days whether their loved one was alive or not. Some were told by email. The evacuated patients were mostly transported to other local hospitals where they felt abandoned.
    4. The investigators learn that if the staff had asked family about the patients wishes, they would have learned that some of the patients would have liked a chance to live. Midazolam and morphine were found in high amounts of the patients systems during the autopsy. Midazolam is in question because it has no reason for continued used as found.
    5. In Butch’s case, his daughter died from an accidental overdose he took Don’t Get Emotionally Involved as a way to make critical decisions.

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