chapter 7

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    Hayden Nepper

    I think the memorial hospital started turning people away because the supplies were limited and already had to many people to assist. If there were more people on board in the hospital that needed care the people already there waiting and needing assistance wouldn’t of had the slim chances that they already did. Memorial hospital in my head they did the right thing. Why would you except new people with short supplies while you could assist the people already there. And maybe save there lives with the supplies than giving other people who just came in the supplies and not have enough for more people. Wouldn’t of there been more deaths? I would think. They euthanized the pets because they didnt have enough chances to save them it was basically putting them out of there misery. No matter how you look at it people are equally valuable in life also though no one is better than someone else. And they honestly knew people loved the patient almost every single family loves there other family. And the hurricane knocked out everything they had nothing to get ahold of anyone and obviously had to try and would have tried regardless they needed reinforcements to help and assist.

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