Chapter 7

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    Brigette Robichaud

    1.The group of doctors met to discuss how the night before went, how some of the other doctors were treating the nurses and talk about how upset they were that the hospital decided to turn away the chance of a helicopter rescue. The surgeons opted for insubordination over inaction. In the morning an anesthesiologist took a fishing boat to try to organize a better rescue effort.

    2. The topic of euthanasia comes up and Dr. Deichmann is very against it. Susan Mulderink thinks it would be the best idea because she thinks it is the only humane option. Dr. Ana Pou agreed with Susan because the patients reminded her of her previous cancer patents, Pou stated that at a certain point there is nothing more you can do besides make them comfortable. Dr. Cook also agreed and told Dr. Pou what medications to administer.

    3. Yes, I do believe euthanizing the animals made it easier for the staff to euthanize some of the patients. The animals were a part of their family and they thought they were doing what was right.

    4. I feel a sense of joy, that most of the patients and staff were finally able to evacuate. But sad for the patients who didn’t.

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