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    Lucy Guerra

    1) Race was not a factor in people being turned away because they didn’t allow more people in the hospital for safety reasons, and the hospital was full.

    2) I think it was necessary for the pets left at the hospital to be euthanized because they didn’t know when help would come again. Dogs weren’t allowed on helicopters and boats. They were limited to water and food. The first dog, Rolfie, had a heat stroke, and other pets had illnesses. The other alternatives were waiting for help or leaving the pets and coming back for them after the storm.

    3) Nurse Green was numb to the solutions the doctors chose to do for the sick. She kept thinking of her own family when she saw Lagasse dying alone. It is possible to believe that Lagasse is dying of cancer and that she’s someone’s mother because Nurse Green didn’t just see her as a dying person; she could relate to her.

    4) The factor that delayed communication was that email was the primary source of contact. The emails that were received and sent were also significantly delayed. Multiple agencies and officials also had different priority lists for hospital evacuations.

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