Chapter 5


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    Marisol Jaimez

    1) I think the rescue efforts greatly intensified once the Doctors noticed that the generators were down and would not come back on the entire time. Nurses would have to start ventilating patients. As the heat became hotter in the hospital the death counts began to rise, from the lack of water for patients. The decision resulted in death because they move patients that were the sickest and with a DNR in place were given last priority. Those patients were seen a lost cause by some on the doctors. Patients that were went by hand became hard and less efficient. This made it hard for some of the nurses as they knew that most of those patients would end up dying.
    2)In the books it states a white male come to the hospital demanding that everyone be ready to leave and they were allowed one bag and no pets were allowed as there would be no room for them to go with the owners. In the movie it shows a white male from the guard stating that everyone needs to be out of the hospital by 5p the following day and boats will be ready. When everyone went down to the 1st stage area where he quested they be, all lined up and overheating they waited for hours and no boats. The doctors then realized that is was a hoax’s. As patients and staff members returned to their room, some noticed that things were missing or taken from the areas.
    Pets were in the hospital for the reason that people would not leave there beloved animals at home to die or suffer in the heat, thinking that the hospital would have air condition and water and food.
    Cloveleaf was a LIL-PAD Sar-Boo search and rescue base off interstate. Clover Leaf was vital because it was a hold and transfer station.
    3)Mark LeBlanc has every right to upset and angary at the situation. In the movie when arrives he is in disbelief on the conditions of the hospital one and the anger rose when he say the stat of his mother. No he didn’t know what the staff was going though with no food or water or heat that the they were battling. The lack of medical supplies that they were working with.
    4) Did they priority system for evacuation for triage patients does not in my eyes meet the the correct practice. One they didn’t have an emergency evacuation plan in place for flooding and the failed generators. The had a regular triage evacuation plan in place
    1. Those that could walk and are in some what good health
    2. Those who needed a little assistant
    3 those that the doctor chose to go last or had a DNR in place.

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