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    Nicole Stuhlmiller

    Discuss the New York Times Magazine’s ethics columnist’s statement, “Why weren’t there plans to cope with these patients when you knew a storm was coming? Sometimes the ethical—the most important ethical question sometimes is the one you ask not at the moment of crisis, but the duty you have to anticipate certain kinds of crises and avoid them” I believe this was an epic fail, As I’ve stated in the previous discussion. Dialogue regarding increasing safety measures was always talked about at length and sorry to say, ignored. The area was known to have issues with the Levey system and flooding. The hospital administration did not go to advanced training. FEMA has amazing programs for disaster readiness. The most important duty anyone has is to protect life at all costs. Even the most basic boy or girl scout knows to “ plan ahead or plan to fail”. Education does not always buy intelligence.
    Describe John Thiele’s perspective of the storm and their circumstances at Memorial. How was he able to ultimately feel was right to smother a man? Dr. Thiele truly did not believe that he was going to make it. He felt that he was justified in his belief to smother a man because he felt it was mercy. He felt that there was no other way and he didn’t want people to suffer.
    Discuss the various interpretations and nuances of end–of–life preferences in the book that take into account religion, consent, and medical conditions. It was a clear topic “end–of–life” throughout the book. I don’t believe religion and consent played any part in this. The Catholic doctors made it known of their religious preference, especially Pou. Ten commandments…Thou shall not kill. Not even if it is a mercy killing. His will shall be done, Not the will of the Doctors and nurses. Not once in this story did any of the DNR patients give consent. They were lied to. “ to make you more comfortable does not, in any language, translate to “ I’m going to kill you”. Some of those patients showed a will to live. The Medical staff in my opinion, gave up. The DNR in this case hurt those who were euthanized. DNR does not stand for DO NOT RESCUE.

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