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    Hayden Nepper

    I think the issue was time obviously that was the biggest problem. The conditions were getting worse and worse. And honestly the guy in the boat was a thief that is my thoughts. I mean a random guy is in a boat and things start disappearing when he leaves, he was most defiantly a looter. Unfortunately, some of the planes that were nearby were waved away. They didn’t know that. They could have had safety sooner that could have made the situation so much better imagine if that did happen. What lives would have been saved. What people conditions would have been improved by. The whole situation would have been so much better it was extremely crucial that they move the ventilators. All and all I don’t think this was the best option that could have been done. I also think that we need to be setup for disasters and situations like that. There was no protocol for this. If there would have been things set in place for certain situation’s everything would have gone safer and maybe a little easier. And with the pets there was no way they were going to survive by them self’s out there what was the only option bring them there for at least a chance to live. It is always good to be prepared for things in any situation. And when mark was approached by the staff they would as anyone would be exhausted. I get that he was there for his mom and I also see why he was mad though too. Regardless things should have been set in tragic situations. Protocols and policies. Utilitarian approach was not the best at all.

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