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    Taylor Ouellette

    What strikes me about Dr. Pou the most is how human Fink makes her. Despite telling us about some of worst times in her life, she still seems very resilient and caring to me. Being in healthcare I can recall several nurses with a “tough but fair” attitude. Even though they’re very thoughtful and caring, they may not be everyone’s favorite.
    I think a great deal of the damage could’ve been avoided if they just knew what to prepare for. But it seems that several people were offered a chance to prepare for a crisis, and didn’t. Even downplaying the severity of the storm based on the storms they’d seen in the past. Rather than preparing for the worst case scenario, they always referred back to the worst they’d seen so far. For example, having a 100 page emergency plan in case of a terrorist attack, and only 11 pages in case of hurricanes. In my opinion, a serious mistake.
    What the people of New Orleans assumed was that martial law had been declared. Based on the severity of the situation, it’s an understandable mistake. They were being told over a radio that people were looting places of business as people became desperate. And the hospital’s decision to cut all elective surgeries and discharge the medically stable patients was no different. Switching on to survival mode, it’s easy to see why they did what they thought was only necessary to survive.

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