Reply To: how your influenced in different envirorments

Hayden Nepper

Lets pick a topic on something. Lets say something that has to do with cats and dogs. Some people like both. Some people only like dogs. And some people only like cats. People have there own reasoning on there thoughts of cats, dogs, and likening both. Some people might want to have a dog for protection. Dogs are little bit more intimating for someone than having cat that barks. Now people might not like dogs do to barking or the maintenance of them is little more. Cat’s maintenance putting a litter box somewhere and just cleaning it every once and awhile. Dogs are little bit more work. you need to continuously take them out. They adapt to a routine and follow that routine. Although dogs are great maybe people work a lot and don’t have time to take them out and give them attention. Dogs need a lot of attention to be happy. Cat’s really don’t they do there own thing.