Reply To: how your influenced in different envirorments

Hayden Nepper

People always think that there thought process is right because that’s what they learned that’s was the way they were brought up to think. But you also need to think about your views and how you were raised or environment and how they influenced your thought everyone is different and needs to respect peoples thought process even if they don’t agree. Though on the other hand if you do voice your thoughts to other people you need to be respectful and know what you can say and what not to say people don’t like to be judged on there thoughts and could cause issues that the world doesn’t need. We need to have tolerance on how other people were raised or why they think that way. And if its that bad or how you that bad you need to take a step back and say is my thought process influenced by where i was raised people around me and what there thoughts . I guarantee that you will see most thought processes are the same as the people around to or family and friends. think about that before you throw your thoughts on someone and think we all have values that we respect and practice. just because they are different than yours doesn’t make them wrong.