Reply To: my life

Hayden Nepper

The lowest part of my life would of had to be when i was an addict i didn’t think i was worth what i should have been my son is very important to me and i hope i am raising him to best og my ability. I’m trying to give him what i didn’t have and the confidence that you ARE WORTH a great amount and to never let someone tell you different i love to tell him lets do this you are important and i hope you become a better man that i ever was and have a better life in what you do and have many accomplishes more than i have had in my life like i said previously paying it forward to me is important only because guess what one nice deed could change the day mood week month of someone’s lives do to you showing them love or support anything that helps them and when you pay it forward don’t think it needs to come back to you i think hopefully it will go to someone else and they can do another kind deed or show someone love when they need and then it is a circular system so everyone can have a better day week month whatever helps can make a huge difference.